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KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT I, _____________________________________ , s/o  _______________________________________ , r/o  __________________________ ____________________________________ , holder of NIC No. ______________________ ,
being the allottee of Plot No. _______________________,
am fully well in my absolute senses, free will, with consent
and without any duress, do here by appoint, make and constitute

_______________________________ , s/o  __________________________________ , r/o ___________________________________________________________________ , holder of NIC No.  ________________________________, as my true and lawful general attorney to do the following acts, deeds, matters and things in respect of my aforesaid plot of land.

1. To sign/execute any documents deeds or papers required to be signed or executed by the
2. To correspond with the _______________________________,
3. To take possession of the plot from
4. To construct a house on the plot and to do all acts, deeds and things necessary for the purpose e.g. submitting plans, getting them approved,
getting water, electric and sui gas connections, engaging architects, engineers, planners, contractors, masons, labour etc. procuring and purchasing the materials etc To complete all the formalities with
the ________________________________ for issue of
completion certificate and for execution of agreement and conveyance deed.
5. To retain, hire, lease, sell, convey, transfer, encumber, mortgage, redeem, exchange, release, surrender, settle, adjust, or otherwise
to dispose off the said plot of land and/or the building constructed thereon and for such consideration or with no consideration and in such manner as may be considered desirable, fit, proper, expedient
and/or opprtuned by my said attorney in his sole, absolute and unfettered discretion. To execute all kinds of deeds and to get registered the same with the Joint Sub Registrar, Islamabad, to pay and receive
all kinds of payments in cash or through cheque/pay- rder/draft/security deposit receipt etc. and to cash the same with his
own signatures and to obtain or issue the receipts thereof.
6. To complete/sign requisition slip on my behalf and submit the same in the office of ___________________________ for obtaining Trnsfer Application Form. After obtaining the Transfer Application
Form, to complete sign it and submit the same in the office of _____________________________ , Islamabad for the transfer of said plot of land/ or building constructed thereon in favour of anybody else.
7. To appear and act in all the courts, civil revenue or criminal, whether original or appellate, in the registration Offices and.or in any other
office of Government or District Board, Municipal Board, _________________________ Islamabad or Notified
area or any other local authority. To engage any
8. To sign and verify plaints, written statements, petitions of claims and objection, memorandum of appeal and petitions and applications of all
kinds and to file them in any such court or office.
9. To obtain refund of stamp duty or repayment of court fees. To apply to courts and offices for copies of documents and papers. To apply
for the inspection of and to inspect records. To accept service of any summon, notice or writ issued by any court or officer against me.
10. Generally to do each and every thing requisite for all the purposes stated above and the purposes which are omitted and are to be done
on my part.
11. All the acts, deeds, matters and things done by the said General Attorney shall be construed as having been done by me and I do hereby agree to ratify and confirm the same.
12. That this General Power of Attorney is made by me without any undue influence or coercion and in full knowledge of the facts and consequences of the General Power of Attorney made and this General
Power of Attorney is irrevocable.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have set my hand to this deed on this ___ day of ______ , _______ , after understanding the contents of this deed
in presence of the witnesses below:
1. _______________________________ 2. _______________________________
    _______________________________     _______________________________
    _______________________________     _______________________________